Standard Process® Safety Cap Compliance Information

The following Standard Process® products meet regulatory requirements that the safety caps have been certified as meeting legal standards defined by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act 2008 15 U.S.C. 2063(a)(1).

To view the Certificate of Compliance for your product, click on the lot number below that corresponds to the lot number on the top of the box for your product.

Chezyn® 90T

L114, L118, L211, L215, L311, L318, L412, L071216121, L060716187, L060716187, L053117073, L053117075, L022118083, L022118083

E-Poise® 150C

L114, L1112, L217, L311, L316, L412, L011317089, L040516142, L011317059, L0405161425, L072117155

FerroFood® 150C

L1112, L212, L214, L218, L2111, L313, L318, L3111, L413, L121416179, L080816270, L080816270, L121416179

FerroFood® 40C

L115, L119, L1112, L214, L218, L2111, L313, L318, L3111, L413, L080816270, L121416179, L080816164, L121416179, L060716187, L080816270, L041817121, L061218128

Immuplex® 150C

L115, L119, L1111, L212, L213, L217, L2112, L313, L317, L3112, L414, L092416142, L041817121, L121916175, L031517099, L063017158, L011518154, L100317157, L022118091, L062218134, L062218134

Livaplex® 90C

L111, L115, L118, L1111, L212, L227, L2110, L2112, L315, L3110, L411, L413, L080816288, L031517093, L010317184, L052317124, L121917083, L121917089, L030618132, L030918172, L081718053, L081718053